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application facebook site de rencontre Editors Note – Here is a look at into the future and see what could go on with the Chicago Bears NFL Draft picks next week. Only Beardown could get an Only Fools and Horses reference into an article about the NFL Draft. Props to Bombom for that. Enjoy. الاتحاد الأوروبي خيارات ثنائي منظم وسطاء Macca

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partnersuche gera kostenlos première rencontre après rupture Trade like the Trotters Phil! The NFL 2012 Draft is almost upon us. For the first time in many years, thanks to some good free agency signings that addressed depth issues at most positions of need, the Chicago Bears are “almost” in a position to do whatever they want with the 19th pick. rencontres 1 Whilst, in my previous posting, I looked at the merits and ammunition that we had and maybe needed in order to trade up, in fact, only yesterday someone posted a comment from elsewhere that would it be worth trading our first and second this year and our first next year to go up to 3rd to get Matt Kalil; the Franchise LT. There is the more realistic option of trading up a few spots to nab someone who has slid but they don’t think will fall much further, for example, Justin Blackmon, in some mock drafts, has fallen as far as 11 to the Chiefs. David DeCastro would be another that may fall to the early teens whereas another need position, Safety, could be addressed by grabbing Mark Barron out of Alabama but its widely accepted that he will not fall past the Coyboys at 14.


One of my personal favourites is Luke Kuechly and whilst Linebacker isn’t an immediate need, it will become so in the near future and Kuechly is a stud. I think he will go anywhere between 10th and 15th. Whilst a small trade up cannot be discounted, there is always the cost to consider. Never mind the trade value on moving up anywhere from 10th to 15th, which, by the value system would mean either a 2nd round pick outright, if the trading team is feeling generous or a 3rd too, there is always the risk that a second tier player that they have targeted gets missed due to this type of trade. Either that or you dip into next years picks and given our aging defense, I am not so sure that is wise at this point.

Whilst these moves cannot be totally discounted, personally I cannot see this happening.



I do believe that Emery and Smith would be happy to stay at 19 and hope that one of their targets falls. LSU’s Michael Brockers or Quinton Coples would look pretty good in a Bears uniform and there are others (including our own mad Irishman, Flea) who think the same of Whitney Mercilus. These guys would fill one of the obvious needs and have an immediate impact. There was, at least initially, a lot of talk about drafting O Line at 19 but unless Riley Reiff falls, I do not see a value pick at this spot for O Line outside of Cordy Glenn, especially OT which our real area of need. Tice can work with a later round project and mould one and there are a lot of decent projects and second tier O Line guys in this draft later on.

There are others that could have similar effect but later in the round and in round 2. It has been mentioned that the Bears are high on Andre Branch from Clemson and it’s likely that he will get drafted between 19 and 26. Dontari Poe is another that could be available here and will fill a need; Alabama LB Don’ta Hightower would be a good pick here too, as would Cornerbacks Stephon Gilmore and Dre Kirkpatrick. I am not so sure that the CB’s mentioned are worth 19th overall, I’m not sure they are first round worthy if I am being honest.

If then, at 18th pick, there are 4 or 5 guys that Emery and Smith would be more than happy with drafting; this is the point where we can play the “Patriots” game.

If Emery could find a trade partner from 22/23 to even 32 or 34, should he be confident that one of those players would be there, then there’s the scope to trade down and garner extra pick later on both this year and next.

I will give an example (if this came off, I would be over the moon personally)

Bears look to trade down from 19, Cleveland, after likely selecting Trent Richardson 4th overall, fancy grabbing another player, such as Kendall Wright or Stephen Hill and are concerned that someone might beat them too it, offer their first round selection (22) and their third round selection (67) to move up, maybe even another late round pick too. We move down 4 spots and pick up an extra 3rd rounder.

Then from 22, if we looked at the Patriots themselves, who have the 27th and 31st selections this year, decide to use one of those, as well as their 2nd rounder (and potentially another late rounder, likely 6th round) to move up to 22, we either move to 27th or 31st (dependant upon the deal) and pick up another 2nd rounder (we could ask for next years 2nd/3rd as well, don’t ask, don’t get!)

Another possible scenario would be to look at teams itching to get back into the first round. The Jets are usually one that likes draft day trades and a trade with the Jets could see us trade out of the first round for their 47th pick in round 2 along with their 1st next year and a 3rd next year or this year.

This would give us 2 2nd round picks and 2 3rd round picks this year with 2 1st round picks next year.

I cannot say I would be totally comfortable trading out of day one of the draft but at this point and with his recent draft record at Atlanta and Kansas City, I am willing to trust Emery on this.

So, am I along in thinking that 19th is a bit of a no mans land for what we need? Should we trade up? Down?

It may not be Peckham, or Paris for that matter, but it could resemble a market come the 26th April!

I look forward to your comments regarding such!

About Bombom

Been a Bears fan since 1984, great timing eh? Since developed a love of all things Chicago, except the White Sox, give me some credit! Biggest Sporting Idol was the late, great Walter Payton. Also a fan of Dan Hampton, Steve McMichael and Mike Singletary. Current Bear favourites would have to be Jay Cutler, Peanut Tillman, Brian Urlacher and Matt Forte. For my sins, also a massive Blackburn Rovers fan, feel free to head to the forums to let me know how you feel about that!


  1. grimsbybear

    good article, but i really do not have a clue what we will do!

    a trade down is bound to happen if i stay up for the draft.

    any feelings on whether the Ravens thing last year will have a negative trading impact?

  2. Bombom

    I dont think so, it was a gaffe, a bad on but thats all it was. Besides, JA isnt running the show now and Emery may have contacts that JA didnt and vice versa so we may be talking with different people on the initiation of a potential trade.

    Will be fun all the same. You coming to the chat room for it GB?

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