The Beardown UK NFC North Fan Roundtable Podcast 2013

click The Beardown UK NFC North Fan Roundtable Podcast – 2013 Edition

watch It’s that time of year again.  The kids head back to school, the nights start getting darker earlier and, if you are a UK based US Football fan, you start to develop bags under your eyes and waking the family at 3am screaming “TOUCHDOWN!” Yes indeed, Football is back and if Football is back then that can only mean that it’s that time of year again when 4 guys from the same division swallow their bile for one another for an hour or so and get together to discuss their team and the season ahead in the big bad world of the NFC North.

go to site This time around it was an all UK affair, yes, we found a living, breathing Detroit Lions fan in the UK; Jesus wasn’t the only guy that could perform miracles seemingly!

espace rencontre 71 So If you want to know who though that Seattle would not make the post season or that Manti Te’o would be NFL Rookie of the year or who thought that Aaron Rodgers is the second coming of the messiah with football pads, what are you waiting for, press play now!

site de rencontre pour adolescent 15-18 ans Please be advised however, if you any heart conditions or suffer with high blood pressure we advise caution as the Packers fan can be really, really annoying in his love for their Quarterback. You have been warned! So, to introduce the guys involved.

go site First you have the always present host, devout Bears fan BomBom; @BomBom77

source site Representing the ” Chicago Bears is Macca @BeardownUK

dunkelhäutige frau sucht deutschen mann Representing the Detroit Lions is Martin Speller@Martin18Speller

best places to hook up Representing the Minnesota Vikings is Adam Webb@adamwebby Finally, representing the Green Bay Packers is Dan Sluckin @Dan_Stitches


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Once you have listened, feel free to drop by the Beardown Forums and leave us your thoughts.  Tell us what you loved or hated (except the Packer fan, he already knows how we feel about the Pack, Aaron Rodgers and him!) and what we can do to improve it next time out.  Also, if you would like to get involved, please drop Macca a PM in the forums.


About Bombom

Been a Bears fan since 1984, great timing eh? Since developed a love of all things Chicago, except the White Sox, give me some credit! Biggest Sporting Idol was the late, great Walter Payton. Also a fan of Dan Hampton, Steve McMichael and Mike Singletary. Current Bear favourites would have to be Jay Cutler, Peanut Tillman, Brian Urlacher and Matt Forte. For my sins, also a massive Blackburn Rovers fan, feel free to head to the forums to let me know how you feel about that!

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