The Beardown Chicago Bears Mock Draft 2012 Round 4 This years NFL Draft begins Thursday, 26 April 2012, and ends Saturday, 28 April 2012. The draft gives each team a chance to pick the brightest talent from the College Football ranks to strengthen their roster. This is the fourth in our series of Beardown members making educated guesses as to who the Chicago Bears will take in the NFL draft.

You can catch up with the first part of this series HERE, second round HERE and third round HERE.

Welcome to the Beardown Chicago Bears Mock Draft 2012 – Round 4. Here is where it really gets murky and you draft for potential and roster depth as opposed to those potential starters.

The 4th round picks by the experts for the Bears are:’s selection for the Chicago Bears in the 2012 NFL Draft is: Ladarius Green, TE, Louisiana Lafayette’s selection for the Chicago Bears in the 2012 NFL Draft is: Brian Linthicum TE, Michigan State

Now that is interesting that both experts have predicted that the Bears take a TE in this round. Still no player/round matches after the first 3 rounds so let’s head into round 4 and see who the guys pick. For a change, Flea will open the 4th round.

site rencontre new brunswick Micheal  (Flea)

“Despite bringing in Brandon Marshall then signing Eric Weems & Devin Thomas, the Bears still need help at WR especially with Knox’s fitness being unclear. My pick can play inside or out, not afraid to make the catch in traffic & can block well. He does need to work on his hands though “Flea’s 4th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… Jermaine Kearse, WR, WashingtonPFW’s thoughts…
Well built, athletic receiver with solid, if unspectacular, traits across the board though his playmaking ability is not great enough to overlook persistent drops. Can make a living as a short to intermediate No. 3 or No. 4 WR if he catches more consistently
Rikard (Clnr)

“My pick is a tall, fast Tight End. It’s a need alongside Kellen Davis”

Clnr’s 4th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… go to link Ladarius Green, TE, Louisiana Lafayette

PFW’s thoughts… Lean, finesse, detached pass catcher with tweener traits. Possesses length, athletic ability and ball skills to factor in the receiving game but needs to bulk up his frame and will have to prove he can adapt to the speed of the NFL game. Durability concerns could affect his draft value.





conocer a gente por facebook Dale (BomBom)

“My pick sounds like a guy Jay could get to like and would also provide another red zone option. He provides a big, go
get it target but has not played much outside of a west coast style of O which could be a problem initially. I could also see the Bears going Ladarius Green from Louisiana Lafayette here tool, fits the same mantra as my guy but at TE instead

BomBom’s 4th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… follow link B.J. Cunningham, WR, 

follow Michigan State 

PFW Says
Big, competitive, productive West Coast Z receiver who is most effective running slants and working inside and using his size to more the chain.
enter site Martin (Macca)

“Even though I addressed the DE position in round 2 with Curry from Marshall, we are thin at the position as Corey Wooten hasn’t progressed as hoped and Chauncey Davis and Thaddeus Gibson are likely no more than camp fodder or roster fillers. We need someone who can spell Idonije and Curry. There is also some merit in his conversion to linebacker.”

Macca’s 4th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas

PFW’s thoughts…
Smooth muscled with a long torso and short arms, Bequette is a white collar college defensive end with disproportionate swagger given his average athletic ability and submissive run defense. Might be in for a rude awakening vs. NFL tackles, needs to get significantly stronger to survive relying on his linear, effort based rush style and will have to show teammates and coaches he can be trusted not to freelance in search of sacks. Could warrant interest as a stand-up linebacker.

That’s round 4, DONE! We finally have a player/round match but it’s with one of the experts. Clnr and Walterfootball think that the Bears will draft Louisiana Lafayette’s TE Ladarius Green. There’s still no consensus amongst the Beardown guys however!

As before, add your thoughts and comments on the picks and what you would do different!

Stay tuned for Round 5!

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