That was 2013 – Phil Emery

That was 2013 – Phil Emery

Well 2013 is in the books and our Chicago Bears are a completely different team than they were in 2012. We’ve gone forwards and backwards this year.

Last year we had a top ten defense with Lovie Smith at the helm and finished 10-6, but missed the playoffs. This year we have a top ten offense with Marc Trestman at the helm and finished 8-8.

trestman cutler sideline

Phil Emery has been pretty close to a magician for the offense. He rebuilt an offensive line that year on year were complicit in the attempted murder of our quarterback. In a single offseason he built an offensive line that not only gave time to our quarterback but also opened lots of holes for our running back. This dramatic change was achieved in four moves with the signings Jermain Bushrod and Matt Slauson in free agency and then drafting Kyle Long and Jordan Mills.

kyle long vs raiders

*Need to reiterate this. In little over four months, Phil Emery managed to do something that Jerry Angelo couldnt in a decade. *

Draft Record

This years draft was a lot better than the 2012 draft. Starting off with the positive picks. In drafting Kyle Long in the first, we got a major piece of our offensive line for years to come. Stealing Jordan Mills in the fourth provided another piece of our solid offensive line. I’m also excited by the prospect of seventh rounder Marquess Wilson seeing more gametime next year beside Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey.

Onto the less positive (wont say bad). Second round linebacker Jonathon Bostic and fourth round Khaseem Green have seen the field but both were a large part of our franchise worst ever defense. Sixth Rounder Cornelius Washington was never used as part of our beaten up defensive line, not sure why that was but it doesnt bode well.

CT bears-giants56.JPG

After two completed seasons though, the jury is still out for his 2012 draft with Shea Mclellin still not showing the ability to be a consistent playmaker at defensive end. Brandon Hardin, Evan Rodriguez and Greg Mccoy all have proven to be wasted picks. Isiah Frey though has shown to be productive as a nickel back, which is pretty good for a sixth rounder. The lone star of his 2012 draft remains Alshon Jeffrey, his second round pick and our rookie of the year 2012. This season in Trestmans offense he has positively thrived and has shown his serious playmaking ability. Alshon finished with 89 receptions for 1421 yards and 7 touchdowns. He also has some serious highlight reel catches.


The Coming Offseason

Phil Emery has a lot of work this offseason with the majority of the defense up for free agency and also serious questions being asked of the defensive coaching staff. Our defense went from top ten in the NFL to the worst all time in Chicago Bears history. The loss of leadership from Urlacher and the injuries suffered from week four onwards is a large part of it, but the lack of improvement from that side of the ball all season suggests an issue with coaching.

One thing is for sure, the defense that suits up for opening day 2014 will look a lot different from the one that started 2013.

cutler pats ol

So far in this off season he has already signed Jay Cutler to a long term deal and has put that conversation to bed. Matt Slauson has been resigned through till 2017 and Tim Jennings has been extended for another four years. Lots more work ahead.

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