Cutler Questioning – Its Started Already The honeymoon period between Cutler and the Chi Town media appears to be over before a single snap in regular season. Taken from Brad Biggs “10 observations: Cutler’s toss of blame toward Hester a curious one” article posted on August 16 2009. “Devin is more of a go-get it guy, he is not really a […]

Beardown Awards 2009

see url 2009 End Of Season Awards Offensive MVP – Matt Fortè The 2nd Round rookie was drafted as a compliment & eventual replacement for Benson. owever with the release of Benson, Fortè took over the reigns & the Bears future at RB looks very bright. in his first game versus the Colts he set a Bears […]

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Draft Dodger Jerry Has Already Become A Hero Unlike last year, after months of painstaking research culminating in correctly predicted the first 15 picks in the Bear Down live chat, I’m just not that into this year’s NFL Draft. Perhaps it’s upheaval at work, or maybe it was the very relaxing week in Barbados from which I’ve just returned? Nah, the reason I’ve […]