The Chicago Bears GM Search is on..

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were all doing a little jig at the fact that Jerry Angelo had been removed from his position as General Manager of the Chicago Bears. With this one action, the Bears gave renewed hope to millions of Bears fans that we may actually get a first round draftee that won’t be stacking shelves in Walmart in 3 years!

One thing that Angelo consistently failed on was his first round drafting. Hell, maybe that was the reason he kept drafting out of it or trading the picks away.

Either way, a new dawn is about to rise on the Windy city, with rumours rife that Emery of the KC Chiefs is the favourite to get the GM job. 4 have already been interviewed along with incumbent deputy GM, Tim Ruskell and there may be a wave of second interviews still.

Personally, I am not wowed by any of the candidates. I think that the Front Office, yes thats you Ted Phillips, once knowing Angelo was being relieved of his duties, done the correct thing, that being sweeping the decks of the coaching staff.

We all have our opinions regarding Lovie Smith and his staff, some have done wonders (take a bow Mr. Tice), others, not so well (Take a hike, Mr. Martz!) but in order to start afresh, everyone should have been given a note of thanks and sent on their way.

By not doing the norm, no surprise to us Bears fans I know, they have essentially sent a message to any interested party for the GM job that you have authority but WE have more!

Personally, I wanted to see Eric Da Costa of the Ravens as our new GM. Initially it was reported that he was keen to talk to the organisation as he liked the franchise history and the market it was in. All of a sudden, he decides he doesn’t want to talk after all. Could that be, perhaps, that Phillips et al., highlighted that Lovie would not only be Head Coach next season but would have a say in who his boss would be? Bonkers, even by the Bears standard.

Now, I appreciate that this is an important hire and the right boxes have to be checked (see, I will miss Angelo in some small ways!) and all the necessary information needs to be gathered so those tasked with this hiring can make a balanced, unbiased appointment on merit, not because Lovie once walked passed them when fetching Coffee for Dick Vermeil whilst in St. Louis, or that they happen to be related to Tony Dungy in the smallest, most tenuous of ways!

With all that being said, I wish that they would hurry up and get it sorted so not only can the fans start to get excited about Free Agency and the Draft but also so that the Tribune guys can write about something other than extoling the virtues of Tim Ruskell and his “Solid” draft record (What had you been smoking when you wrote that headline Mr. Pompei?)

Either way, a new GM, a new drafting thought process and player management.

Surely the Chicago Bears; OUR Chicago Bears, cannot get this wrong this time?


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