The Bears Head Inn Podcast Featuring Charles Tillman
Charles Tilman with his award for Defensive Player of the Year 2012

Charles Tillman with his BeardownUK award for Defensive Player of the Year 2012

Welcome to another installment of The Bears Head Inn podcast series.

After kicking off the series with Anthony Adams,Sherrick Mcmanis and Jeff Reinebold, which is available on iTunes, just search “BeardownUK”, We went back out in search of another big catch and Macca and BomBom managed to snag some quality time with current Chicago Bears All Pro Cornerback and all around stand up bloke, Charles “Peanut” Tillman!

Charles is an 11 year veteran (take note Bombom!) out of UL Lafayette and has had an amazing Career as a Chicago Bear and will likely end up in Chicago’s Hall of Fame, maybe even Canton one day.  He was also voted as the Bears 2012 Defensive Player of the Year by Beardown UK members, surely a more prestigious accolade than anything the NFL can give them!

Currently on Injured Reserve, Charles gave us some of his time, of which we are most grateful for.

They interviewed Charles on a whole variety of issues, from his early career through to his experience of the Draft through to his decade plus with our beloved Chicago Bears.

Once you have listened, don’t forget to subscribe via iTunes as we have some more great guests lined up already!

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