Beardown UK 2013 Podcast – Week 13

Beardown UK Podcasts – Week 13

Welcome to another Beardown UK Regular Season podcast.

This week its Week 13.

Chicago faced the ugly ducklings of the NFC North this week and try as they might, the Minnesota Vikings were unable to lose to the Bears, as they took an entertaining game (If you were a neutral!) 23-20 in Overtime.

The Bears are playing their last home regular season game this week against the Dallas Cowboys, live on Monday Night Football.  This game could well be the proverbial shootout.

This weeks podcast sees Macca and BomBom talk about the Minnesota game, the upcoming Cowboys game and rounded out nicely with some predictions.

Enough talk, get listening!

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Don’t forget you can follow Bombom on Twitter @Bombom77, Macca is @BeardownUK

About Bombom

Been a Bears fan since 1984, great timing eh? Since developed a love of all things Chicago, except the White Sox, give me some credit! Biggest Sporting Idol was the late, great Walter Payton. Also a fan of Dan Hampton, Steve McMichael and Mike Singletary. Current Bear favourites would have to be Jay Cutler, Peanut Tillman, Brian Urlacher and Matt Forte. For my sins, also a massive Blackburn Rovers fan, feel free to head to the forums to let me know how you feel about that!

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