Beardown UK 2013 Podcast – Week 12

Beardown UK Podcasts – Week 12

Welcome to another Beardown UK Regular Season podcast.

This week its Week 12.

Another dose of the same from Chicago this past week as they spotted the Rams a 14 point head start before attempting, and we use that word lightly, to make a game of it before going down 42-21.

The Bears are on the road again this coming week in a divisional matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. Our guest labelled his team “The best 2-8 (and a tie) team in football”.  We aren’t sure if that’s something to celebrate however he may have a point.

This weeks podcast sees Macca and BomBom joined by Vikings fan Adam Webb (@AdamWebby) as they talk about the upcoming Minnesota game,  and rounded out nicely with some predictions.

Enough talk, get listening!

Download here

Don’t forget you can follow Bombom on Twitter @Bombom77, Macca is @BeardownUK

About Bombom

Been a Bears fan since 1984, great timing eh? Since developed a love of all things Chicago, except the White Sox, give me some credit! Biggest Sporting Idol was the late, great Walter Payton. Also a fan of Dan Hampton, Steve McMichael and Mike Singletary. Current Bear favourites would have to be Jay Cutler, Peanut Tillman, Brian Urlacher and Matt Forte. For my sins, also a massive Blackburn Rovers fan, feel free to head to the forums to let me know how you feel about that!

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