Beardown Chicago Bears Mock Draft Rounds 5 to 7

This years NFL Draft begins Thursday, 26 April 2012, and ends Saturday, 28 April 2012. The draft gives each team a chance to pick the brightest talent from the College Football ranks to strengthen their roster. And this is our sites Chicago Bears mock draft. This is the fifth and last in our series of Beardown members making educated guesses as to who the Chicago Bears will take in the NFL draft.

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Round Five

The 5th round picks by the experts for the Bears are:’s selection for the Chicago Bears in the 2012 NFL Draft is: Shaun Prater, CB, Iowa’s selection for the Chicago Bears in the 2012 NFL Draft is:

recherche garcon celibataire Justin Bethel, CB, Presbyterian

get link  Again both experts have predicted that the Bears take the same position in this round, this time it’s a cornerback. Clnr and Walterfootball have agreed on one player so far and the same pairing seem to like Cam Johnson, only in different rounds, we at Beardown are beginning to wonder if Clnr has a side job on a website somewhere!!!

To this point, 4 guys have picked a total of 16 players and NONE have been the same player.  We love mock drafts! Heh. Flea will again open the 5th round of the mock draft. Micheal (Flea)


“More help for the offense. My pick was a very productive, 4 year player.  He is not a great blocker but caught the ball very well at the combine. He plays like a receiver and in the modern NFL that’s how they like their tight ends. There are some injury concerns but I LOVE this kid “


Flea’s 5th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… Ladarius Green, TE, Louisiana Lafayette


enter site PFW’s thoughts…

Lean, finesse, detached pass catcher with tweener traits.  Possesses length, athletic ability and ball skills to factor in the receiving game but needs to bulk up his frame and will have to prove he can adapt to the speed of the NFL game.  Durability concerns could affect his draft value.

uses of radiochemical dating netdania forex charts Rikard (Clnr)

“My 5th round selection has played both middle and outside linebacker in college. Will provide back up to Brian Urlacher but not a long term, future replacement

Clnr’s 5th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… see url Audie Cole, ILB, North Carolina State


mujeres solteras de orocovis PFW’s thoughts…

Moved inside as a senior to help line up and make calls in a demanding defense but is best suited to play over the tight end and 2010 tape showing him playing on the strong side best displays his NFL future.  Ability to back up at multiple positions enhances his value but is most ideally suited for a backup role.


citas antena 3 online Dale (BomBom)

“Here we go then, it’s that time of the draft where you spread them out on the desk and say “Pick a card, any card”.  I could hit a home run on any one of these picks and they become consistent pro bowlers or they could be out of football this time next season, it really does involve a slice of luck from this point on. 


That being said, my next pick has been a 4 year Big 10 starter that we can groom behind Garza for the next season or 2. He could also compete for the G position too, much like Spencer this past season.  He’s an intense, aggressive lineman and we like ‘em mean and nasty in Chicago!  He may be drafted before now if someone gets antsy over Centers but I still think he will be there when we select in round 5”

BomBom’s 5th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… get link Michael Brewster, C, Ohio State

PFW’s thoughts…

Experienced, four year Big Ten starter with an overzealous on field temperament and passion for the game that could allow him to earn an NFL starting job


Martin (Macca)


“The Bears need some help in the secondary to back up Conte as FS or the two starting CB’s. My pick is in the Daneal Manning and Devin Hester mould, in so far as having serious athletic gifts but no real speciality (projected as CB but has played Nickel and FS at LSU). He has also shown to be good on special teams as both a gunner and a returner. Could spell as Nickel back and help on Dave Toub’s crack special teams unit. Has huge upside for round 5.” (Ed.  Worth noting that Brooks’ father, Anthony, played WR for the Bears in 1993!)


Macca’s 5th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… Ron Brooks, CB, LSU


PFW’s thoughts…

Talented, versatile cornerback who was overshadowed in college football’s deepest secondary full of NFL draft picks, but was productive on special teams and has ample translatable physical traits.  Sub package player and standout gunner who could be a value selection.


Five rounds over!!  Now we are seeing players cropping up.  Bombom selecting Ohio St. C, Mike Brewster two rounds after Clnr did the same.  Flea selecting TE Ladarius Green, a round after Clnr takes him.  All that and after the experts select a CB, Only one was taken by our guys in this round.Now comes the time where we see if the Beardown guys can sort the wheat from the chaff; can they pick out that diamond in the rough or any other cliché that you may care to use here!

As before, add your thoughts and comments on the picks and what you would do different!

Round 6

The 6th round picks by the experts for the Bears are:’s selection for the Chicago Bears in the 2012 NFL Draft is:

Tyler Nielsen, OLB, Iowa’s selection for the Chicago Bears in the 2012 NFL Draft is:

Micah Pellerin, CB, Hampton

 The experts have predicted that the Bears take Defense again in this round, this time it’s another cornerback and outside linebacker.  We have started to see the same players being picked up by the Beardown guys, let’s see if that continues!

BomBom gets the (mis)fortune of opening the 6th round of the mock draft.

Dale (BomBom)


“We didn’t do too bad the last time we drafted a WR with pace to burn out of the Bulldogs program, that being Bernard Berrien.  My pick has serious speed and can return kick offs too, something Hester won’t be doing much of next season if reports are to be believed.  Can play all receiver spots but his durability is a question mark.  He could be a nice replacement if Knox isn’t ready to go also.“


BomBom’s 6th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is……Devon Wylie, WR/KR, Fresno State


PFW’s thoughts…

Small framed, lean, finesse playmaker with a unique combination of vertical speed (Fastest player in Fresno history), short area quickness and special team ability.  Durability is biggest question mark but he is capable of toggling between all receiver spots and excelling as a return man and will appeal to teams such as the Patriots, Raiders, Eagles and Dolphins.


Rikard (Clnr)

“My 6th round selection is something of a crap shoot.  We still need depth at the cornerback position so that’s where I am going

Clnr’s 6th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… Donnie Fletcher, CB, Boston College


PFW’s thoughts…

More smooth than sudden, Fletcher is a monotone cover 2 cornerback who was used almost exclusively in a disciplined, zone coverage in college.  Has appealing size, ball skills and special teams ability but must recover from a disappointing season and poor senior bowl week showing.


Micheal (Flea)


“My pick is a perfect player for the cover 2.  He could also play Safety. He can help on Special Teams too. Has a good nose for the turnover.”


Flea’s 6th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is……Ryan Steed, CB, Furman



PFW’s thoughts…

Confident, competitive, tough, heady cornerback who plays faster than he times.  However, will be relegated to a cover 2 scheme that takes advantage of his ball skills and tackling ability while providing help over the top.  Can be a solid backup and special teams contributor.  Intelligence, instincts and toughness might project best to safety.

Martin (Macca)

“Since Amobi Okoye left, we need some help in the DT rotation. With Marinelli as our DC, a project with this much potential at this late stage in the draft is hard to pass up. Developmental product but has a high ceiling based on his natural athletic ability”


Macca’s 6th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… Akiem Hicks, DT, Regina (Saskatchewan)


PFW’s thoughts…

Outstanding-sized, extremely long armed, smooth muscled, athletic, unpolished former SEC recruit with an intimidating presence, though he is a developmental project.  Has size and length to play in an odd front or could contribute as a two down,rotational tackle in a 4-3.  Has moldable tools.




Six rounds over!!  No matches in this round and no real consensus other than defense (are you listening BomBom?)  Lots of acknowledged projects in this round and the Bears don’t have a tremendous history of developing players but who knows?

So, that only leaves Round 7 now.  Are there any future Pro Bowlers or Hall of Famers in this next round?  Let’s hope so!

As before, add your thoughts and comments on the picks and what you would do different!


Round 7

The 7th round picks by the experts for the Bears are:’s selection for the Chicago Bears in the 2012 NFL Draft is:

Drake Dunsmore, TE, Northwestern

 Walter Football have not provided a 7th round mock (at the time of writing anyway) so it’s only Drafttek who offer up a selection.

 For the final round of the 2012 Mock Draft, Macca gets the honour of opening the last round of the mock draft.

Martin (Macca)


“Dave Toub’s special teams are the one constantly performing unit on the Bears since Lovie took charge. A hardnosed ILB with good blitz timing and a nasty demeanour would fit nicely with that Chicago Bears special teams unit. Also could play as a backup to Brian Urlacher from time to time”


Macca’s 7th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… Shawn Loiseau, ILB, Merrimack (Mass.)


PFW’s thoughts…

A hellbent collision waiting to happen, Loiseau can be heard on the football field with thundering licks. Has the look of a two down “Mike” linebacker and core special teamer.

Dale (BomBom)


“My pick needs to bulk up and his skills are in between FS and SS.  However, this late in the draft, it’s a nice pickup for some competition back there as well as a Special Teams contributor.  Besides all that, it’s not a Chicago Bears NFL Draft without a Safety!

BomBom’s 7th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… Kelcie McCray, SS, Arkansas State


PFW’s thoughts…

Lean, high-cut, sinewy defender with good speed and tackling ability, though his skill set smears the line between strong and free safety.  Instincts, play strength and dull suddenness limit his ceiling but could provide depth and contribute on special teams.

Rikard (Clnr)

“My 7th rounder, well, we can’t have a Bears draft without a safety, can we? He is a former team mate with Chris Conte.


Clnr’s 7th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… Sean Cattouse, SS, California


PFW’s thoughts…

A converted cornerback, Cattouse is a big, talented, inconsistent safety with appealing size and versatility but he does not excel in any particular area and his tape performances leaves something to be desired.  Claim to fame may be getting trucked by Andrew Luck.


Micheal (Flea)

“My 7th round pick had an excellent senior season at Guard but can play Center, it’s time we brought someone in to develop at the position.”


Flea’s 6th Round Pick for the Chicago Bears is…… Josh LeRibeus, C/OG, SMU


PFW’s thoughts…

Tough, competitive, try-hard, bump and steer blocker with potential to be tried as a center.  Emerged with a solid senior season and has a chance to develop.



That, ladies and gentleman, is it.  Seven Rounds, in the can, ready to be praised like a draft god or ridiculed like a southern hick once the NFL Draft is over.

We hope you have enjoyed following the series.  Feel free to comment below or in the forums on how you would draft or wait till the draft is over and come back and “mock” the mock!

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