Everyones guessing.

In less than four hours the first game of the NFL season gets underway. And noone knows how teams are going to perform. We dont know which play off contenders from last year wont reach the postseason nor which bottom feeders will surprise us all (like the Falcons and Dolphins did last year).

Finally…. And Questions

After what seems like a long close season we are finally days away from seeing the beloved in action against the Cheese. We should really have some answers to our questions about the team but really we wont know until Sunday night.

Two really come out above all other uncertainties.

Cutler Questioning – Its Started Already

The honeymoon period between Cutler and the Chi Town media appears to be over before a single snap in regular season. Taken from Brad Biggs “10 observations: Cutler’s toss of blame toward Hester a curious one” article posted on August 16 2009. “Devin is more of a go-get it guy, he is not really a […]

Member Profiles

Here is a list of our more regular members here on Beardown. Gives a feel of who we are, why we’re here and some other stuff they like. You’ll find all of these guys in the forums, dont worry though they cant hurt you (although could possibly disturb ). Macca Beardown Members Name (username): dabossbear […]

Marinelli – Just what has he achieved?

I read a brad biggs article earlier on and this question from his mailbag caught my eye: “Q: In Tampa, Rod Marinelli struggled to  develop several first-round draft picks such as Regan Upshaw, Marcus Jones and  Eric Curry into reliable pass rushers. This eventually forced Tampa to go out  and sign Pro Bowler Simeon Rice […]